It’s as if he understands that the child is a baby. Talking to him the whole time. Bekijk al onze honden. Alaskan Husky is originated from United States but Akita is originated from Japan. I began “walking” him only in darkness. Affectionate, detached, playful, alert, loyal, Teaching your puppy the ‘follow-me’ command is essential to induce a sense of. Het begint op Marktplaats Ze werken voor hun meesters en leven voor dat doel. De Akita hoort bij de keesachtigen. Huskita is a mix between Akita and Husky. My daughter wants a HUSKITA and i am having the hardest time finding one. Breeds: Akita and German Shepherd. Well there are several reasons one being that Akita’s have many genetic health conditions. They also have the tendency to be very territorial. They are ideal for people living alone since they make good companions. Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita, American Akita : Chukcha, Chuksha, Husky, Icee, Sibe : Mal, Mally : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1972 as a Working breed. De Akita kan nooit uitgelaten worden door kinderen, zij kunnen hem geestelijk en fysiek niet de baas. De Siberische Husky behoort tot de poolhonden en sledehonden. She was bought by a family who ended up moving back to another country. We picked her up and introduced her to the other dogs. Great Japanese Dog, Japanese Akita, American Akita : Husky (Alaskan) Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : Cross Breed : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1955 as a Hound breed. She is affectionate, always wants fuss and is fun to play with. Veel mensen zijn bang als zij dit ras zien lopen, ... De Siberische husky is een hond die hoort bij de keesachtigen en de poolhonden. Mom : Akita cross Husky Dad : Border Collie Puppies : 1/2 Border Collies, 1/4 Husky, 1/4 Akita Male 1 : Black and white, silver looking. Et que l'Akita est un chien un peu plus modéré (si je ne me trompe pas) et protecteur de sa famille, et méfiant des étrangers. Akita’s are larger and more muscular than Husky. Both Akita and Husky are old breeds of dogs that are known for their strength and courage. Be warned. He came to us three years ago as an unclaimed stray and was adopted into a family who adored him but came back to us earlier this year due to serious ill-health in the family, he was adopted again but it’s become apparent he needs to be the only pet in the household. Shepherd Inus can be territorial, and they need experienced owners who know how to train dogs that are territorial or aggressive. Goberian. She will only play bite, which worried us to start with, but she knows how hard is too hard. People often stop to say hello and ask about her breed and she will happily say hello back. I found the dog on a very bad side of town where a lot of dogs are used for dog fighting. Right now I have a deaf 3 1/2-year-old boy – and I think that my husky Sasha realizes he is deaf. The head and the jaws are strong, while the muzzle is short, ending in a round black nose. Roughly about a year and a half, she breaks out of kennels, crates, anything she wants out of she will get out. Hi Kerrie My daughter just got a two-month old Huskita and I am terrified of all I’ve heard any advice for her so she can make him the best dog anyone would die to have? All rights reserved. We would up getting a Sportdog 420S E-collar for him. Both Alaskan Husky and Akita … Sasha is clearly a working dog. Both Alaskan Husky and Akita has same life span. If you want to know more about him and see some pics go to Jon D Franco on Facebook . Akita vs Husky. Akita Inu / Husky. Sasha is very intense and a more serious dog – Shika is just silly.. He likes to sleep right next to the side of my bed and the floor – For the first year that I had him he refused to come in the house for more than 20 – 30 minutes! Ever since they have got on very well. A donner apparence Akita. Akita and husky are used to labor, as their histories suggest. And I’m not the kind of person that wants to control the dog so hard that he has no room to be just a dog. 5 am before work-10 at night. Breeds: Akita and Siberian Husky. husky pups beschikbaar Wij zijn: -> een erkende rashonden kennel. He is a awesome dog but maybe too aggressive for someone. You will definitely be tested over and over and over. 7). They are very very very stubborn, smart beyond belief and very aggressive when they want something. Friendliness: The Akita Inus are not the friendliest of dog breeds. Alaskan Husky may grow 14 cm / 5 inches shorter than Akita. My family was livid with me for keeping him and everyone stopped coming over. Besides being loyal to their family, they are also good with children and other pets. Presently, akitas and huskies are being groomed and trained as pets and companions. Husky vs. Akita has been a hot debate in the recent past, as both are often the first choices of many people. He has a life span of 12 to 15 years. Honden, poezen, aquaria en meer kopen en verkopen tegen een aantrekkelijke prijs! Now all the kids love him – they come over to visit him. The Huskitas inherit the hunting instincts from its Siberian husky parent along with the protective nature from the Akita. Huskita – Akita Husky mix. Louie is a 5 year old male Akita cross Rottweiler. Caractère : AKITA est un peu triste au refuge, elle reste un peu en retrait mais parfois elle vient chercher le contact et les caresses. They are moderate to highly active dogs characterized […] He does have a lot of energy though so needs regular exercise and needs a firm hand when it comes to training. -> meer als 20 jaar ervaring met rashonden! They are always alert and devoted to guarding their family, which makes them an excellent watchdog. Here is a look at what Akita Husky mix is like. It is highly energetic, playful, but also an affectionate animal that is alert, ready to protect its household, by all means, thus emerging as an excellent watchdog. I took him to the vet and that’s when I found out different. Haha ! They manifest a dominant attitude with an air of discipline and strength. Most dogs of the Akita Husky mix are loyal, active, and affectionate. He is still food aggressive – I respect the dog – I would never try to Take a ball or bone away from him ! They look a little the same with huskies but only fluffier. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1972 as a Working breed. good luck !! When I took the dog to them he was 2 years old. Both have thick fur coats and love to live in cold places. He scared the wits out of me but I live in Michigan and I found him in winter 2013 and that was no time to be outside on a consistent basis (even for a husky) bcz we had a horrific winter that year. To be honest I like the traits of the My huskita (Sasha) more than my husky (Shika). Pictures of husky croisé akita PULKO, Dog Akita, posted by mariaft. Females typically stand 24 to 26 inches tall (paw to shoulder) and weigh between 70 and 100 pounds. Akita is originated from Japan but Siberian Husky is originated from Russia. As a result, an Akita Husky cross will be a large and very strong dog breed. In the end you get a breed that is protective and healthy. Box à la Cerise; Cerise en Voyage He lunged at a 15 yr old boy jogging too close to us and completely tore his shirt. Then one day I was sitting outside with him in the snow and he laid his head on my lap – and I knew we had reached a turning point. Deze grote honden hebben het beschermende karakter van een Akita en het jachtinstinct van hun Husky-ouder. Husky Akita Mix Puppies For Sale . You may ask what is the reason for this mix? As a large dog, they need 4 to 5 cups of dry dog food every day, divided into two balanced meals. He always comes when called (and/or beeped) and we can let him roam our property (as long as we are in sight of him) and he can be a dog. Ga ervoor. This boy has a bare black mask face. The Huskita is a large size cross, parented by the Siberian Husky and the Akita. However, huskitas do best when it has only one fellow pet. Het ras komt oorspronkelijk uit Japan. AKITA est à placer sous l'association MUKITZA. In comparison with Huskies, Akitas are part of spitz breed but with the same long furry coat and curly tail. These two breeds are often compared, so why not mix them together? En soi, cette race de chiens est déjà magnifique, alors une fois croisée… Voici quelques uns des mélanges les plus étonnants ! Let’s learn a little bit more about each parent before we delve further into the world of Huskitas. The Akita dog is considered to be a large dog breed. The couple I gave him to had a 8 month old baby. As a former breeder, not a puppy mill just by accident, I can tell u that the father was a Akita and mother was a husky they and there offspring were all smart as a whip, they were the best watch dogs and friendly however don’t try anything against there owners or u would see there wraith, I can tell u that by what u tell me about size u would recognize my breed they were huge gental giants my Zeus was over 150 pounds easy and I had to use a belt for a collar, the mother and father (Zeus and silvercloud) taught there young from the start how to act and the offspring were so well trained by the time they left people we’re asking for more and if we we’re going to have anymore litters they had a very special trait of bloodline that there nose would change colors from pink to blk and besides there size would have a spotted tounge blk dots, would love to find someone in Philadelphia PA that had gotten 1 from us since we longer have the mother,father,brother and sister so if u read this please contact me at if u think u have a bloodline 1,getting back they are great with kids and other animals never had a problem but even with cats or birds my bird would ride his back and the cats would sleep with them all in all 1 of the best breeds I have ever had and looking to find 1 again hope that this helps if u have any questions feel free to contact me good luck P s. Make sure u have alot of chew toys when there young. I have never really heard him bark – but he howls and talks to me like crazy LOL. Presently, akitas and huskies are being groomed and trained as pets and companions. He gets jealous when he sees me play with Shika. Ontdek onze pups te koop. Trying to get information concerning the Huskita. Males typically stand 26 to 28 inches tall and weigh 100 to 130 pounds. The Huskita combines the hunting instincts of a Husky with the protective instincts of an… They didn’t actually realize it was a Huskita, but he was about 9 months when we rescued him, based on size/teeth (they had no idea how old he really was). Sasha has taught Shika how to behave – how to go on walks… But Shika has brought out a more affectionate side of Sasha also. Just like every puppy, they are prone to panic, cry, bark, whine when they left alone by their owner. Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years. Akita may grow 10 cm / 4 inches higher than Siberian Husky. Mixing breeds is not as easy as making a cup of coffee and mixing in coffee, cream and sugar. She can be a powerful dog, if she sees something you need to hold on! Also I believe he was bred for dog fighting as he had a lot of major bites in his chest and neck region (hair was missing). Akita en Husky zijn anders dan speciale hondenrassen. A blue eyed, white huskita named Casper became famous through Instagram. 50 aanbiedingen in januari - Bekijk alles met akita! Y’a-t-il quelque chose de plus adorable au monde qu’un croisé Husky? When it comes to mixing dog breeds, temperament as well as physical attributes should be considered to have an almost perfect mix. She walks her and feeds her from being a puppy which has helped massively. Can you please tell me where you got him from. Sois le premier informé des nouveautés en t’inscrivant à la newsletter. Hi, we have a huskita, Storm and she is a great dog. It looks like he was rescued from another shelter. We are looking for homes for our stunning litter of Huskita puppies. The Husky is a natural hunter and the Akita is protective by nature. If you get an Akita for your family, all members of the family must hold a higher status in the pack than the dog. He bit my gentle 80 yr old father .. My 27 year old son. In general, this breed is not aggressive to strangers, but if the Akita gene rules them, they might not always be able to welcome guests in a calm mind. Akita en husky zijn gewend om te werken, zoals hun geschiedenis suggereert. Mixing breeds is not as easy as making a cup of coffee and mixing in coffee, cream and sugar. Give Treats to Your Dog and Watch Them Remotely! It’s a hybrid between a Pitbull and husky. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930 as a Working breed. The Shibakita is a crossbreed that’s created by mating a Shiba Inu with an Akita. Any and all help appreciated. The huskita will be an independent dog. The Akita is much heavier as well, with males weighing 100 to 130 pounds compared to the Husky who weighs 45 to 65 pounds; at the top end of the scale that makes the Akita double the size. Unfortunately, even though we got past his guarding behaviors he was still too excitable and poorly trained (or not really trained at all) to play or deal with other dogs/people appropriately. They work for their masters and live for that purpose. I tell you that just to let you know how determined I was with this dog. I knew if I brought him to the humane society he would be put down. Akita stands at 24-28 inches tall while Husky stand at 20-24 inches tall. Sociaal gedrag tegenover andere dieren en honden De Akita is een jager van huis uit, ook kleine huisdieren kunnen ten prooi vallen aan zijn jachtdrift. Akita vs Husky. The huskita is a large, energetic, and loyal breed. The head and the jaws are strong, while the muzzle is short, ending in a round black nose. (He is 80 & 85% deaf in both ears). Akita Husky Mix appearance When dealing with mixed breeds such as a Huskita, it’s impossible to predict with any degree of certainty … Many people mistake the Husky for a wolf , but it’s actually the Akita that comes closer in size to them then the Husky does. To keep a check on your Huskitas destructive habits and prey drive instincts, that is common with most large dogs, keep it busy with a lot of fun or exciting activities. Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1972 as a Working breed. They work for their masters and live for that purpose. This giant dog breed is in most cases a mix with a Siberian Husky breed, which makes its nature devoted to the owner, brave, coldness-loving, surviving in any strong or high conditions and of course, loyal and a great guard. Akita Ze zijn zo goed als mogelijk gesocialis. Juniper et ses cinq chiots ont trouvé le chemin d’Animatch. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. The Huskita is a large to giant mixed breed the result of crossing the Siberian Husky with the Akita. As you can imagine, the huskita is not as well known or popular as the Siberian Husky or Akita alone. - d'un croisement husky/akita inu: alors je sais que le husky est un chien dynamique très sportif et qu'il a besoin de se dépenser par de longues balades. Alaskan Husky may weigh 29 kg / 63 pounds lesser than Akita. The Akita is also known for its strength and were originally bred for hunting large animals. 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Chantel Erickson. Sois le premier informé des nouveautés en t’inscrivant à la newsletter. I don’t let people run up to him quickly. The dog listens and obeys her. We have 2 cavaliers and my daughter wanted a husky. I honestly can’t think of anything that I dislike about him. Huskies are known to wander off from their homes while Akitas stay close to home. For sale male 1 and a half year old akita cross husky all flead and wormed his name is reggy he is amazing due to me moving house I can't keep him he is a family dog still got the puppy mentality he is already a proven stud and he bred with my German shepherd akita an had a litter of 6 beautiful healthy puppy's ring me if you need any details. But I honestly don’t know how to play with Sasha. Dit is ondertussen al vanaf 1 januari 2000 opgelost en zijn dan erkent door de FCI in twee rassen : de Akita Inu en Amerikaanse Akita. Both Akita and Siberian Husky has almost same life span. I don’t believe in all the Alpha stuff. Ze werken voor hun meesters en leven voor dat doel. They are perfect companions for people who live alone. He is definitely over all – a one person dog. Akita Inu Basic Profile. Both Akita and Siberian Husky has same litter size. Rassen uit deze categorie zijn altijd erg energiek en aangepast om koude temperaturen aan te kunnen. Both have thick fur coats and love to live in cold places. I see he feels jealous when I play with my new puppy Shika – she fetches a ball and brings it back to me. Laissez ce champ vide si vous êtes humain : Home; Mes catégories. Akita en Husky zijn gewend aan arbeid, zoals hun geschiedenis suggereert. When it comes to mixing dog breeds, temperament as well as physical attributes should be considered to have an almost perfect mix. Really active and playful puppy but he also really likes being petted. I have never owned a dog like this and I am trying to find out all the info I can. Overall i would have another tomorrow if i could and they truely are beautiful creatures. What can be difficult to handle though when it comes to mixed breeds is the temperament of the pups which are the product of the said mix. Akita Huskies, die door anderen ook liefkozend Huskitas wordt genoemd, is een mengeling van een Siberische Husky en een Akita. A mix of these two dogs will give you a wonderful pet that is intelligent and energetic. The Alaskan husky — unlike the purebred Siberian husky — is a mix of various Northern dog breeds, so it's not considered to be its own distinct purebred breed. In general, this breed isn’t aggressive to strangers, however, if the Akita sequence rules them, they may not continuously be able to welcome guests with a calm mind. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Akita Inu. Both Akita and Siberian Husky has almost same life span. They affect about 10% of the breed. He tends to have a detached or aloof manner but is a very loyal dog. Akita requires Low maintenance. Sujet: AKITA, croisée Husky de 6 ans (dans le 21) Ven 28 Déc 2007 - 12:10 "Bientôt 5 ans de captivité alors qu'Akita présente beaucoup de qualités: affectueuse , … On the bright side, they’re very affectionate and friendly towards their family. He is multi-talented participating in areas such as weight pulling, carting, sledding and guarding. I’m guessing he’s about 1 1/2 years old. Learn the similarities and differences between breeds. They have a very stout, stature, with sturdy legs and a curly, bushy tail. It took nearly a year to get him to that point… All the school children were afraid to walk by him – near the fence. Over het algemeen zijn het evenwichtige, gespierde en goed ontwikkelde honden. Husky vs Akita Health: Are They Prone to Health Conditions. American Akita / Siberian Husky £1,500 These are mixed breed dogs a cross between the American Akita and Siberian husky dog breeds.